Another Fascinating Entry in Adventures in the Liaden Universe

Book Title: 

Shout of Honor

Book Author: 

Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Like our own universe, the Liaden Universe is complex. In this short work, we meet several characters who find themselves involved with the ongoing story of the Liaden novels. They do not change the main story, but it seems to have changed them. The principal character, and the first one we meet is Commander Vepal, the Yxtrang Ambassador to the Outworlds, which is apparently, a job that does not pay well.

The Story of the Korval Clan Continues

Book Title: 


Book Author: 

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

was prepared to love this book. The Liaden novels from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller just seem to be getting better and better in an odd way that makes the older novels better too. The authors have been weaving a complex web since the beginning and Neogenesis seems to bring several of the threads together at last. There is not actually any indication that the threads will stay together, though.

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