Penric and Desmona's Latest Adventure

Book Title: 

The Prisoner of Limnos

Book Author: 

Lois McMaster Bujold

What can I say about “The Prisoner of Limnos”? It's the sixth novella in the Penric and Desdemona series, and follows right after “Mira's Last Dance”. We follow up on what happened to Penric and Nikys after their arrival in the duchy of Orbas. Penric's superiors want him to come back to their temple. Penric doesn't want to go... at least not yet.

Ann Leckie Returns to the Universe She Created

Book Title: 


Book Author: 

Ann Leckie

In her latest book, Ann Leckie revisits the same universe as in her previous trilogy, but this time, we get beyond the Radch Empire. Most of the story takes place on the planet Hwae, which is very different, but at the same time, clearly influenced by the Radch. That's understandable, because the most powerful aliens humanity has encountered, the Presger, have chosen to have the Lord of the Radch be the representative for all humans, everywhere.

I really liked Tooth & Nail, the second book in the Withrow Chronicles.

Book Title: 

Tooth & Nail

Book Author: 

Michael G. Williams

Why? See I'm not really a fan of vampire fiction. I think it's been done to death. Michael G. Williams' vampire fiction is something different, and that's what I like.

Withrow Surrett is not your average vampire. Not even close. He is not an ancient vampire, dedicated to all things evil. Withrow Surrett is just an overweight guy who bought into the 'live forever' deal. He doesn't really see himself as anything special. In Michael G. Williams' world, you don't get to be gorgeous when you become a vampire, you stay just like you were when you 'died'. So Withrow is a fat vampire.


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