Penric's Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold

I found this to be a delightful story. In this short work, the author tells us much more about the World of the Five Gods than we already knew, by taking us beyond the boundaries of Chalion. That world turns out to be far more politically complex. On top of that, we learn more about at least one of the Five Gods, and the story of a young man accidentally falling into a future he could never have imagined.

Pretty darn good for such a short work, but that is the sort of thing that Lois McMaster Bujold has been getting better and better at over the years.

The story ends with what might me considered a cliff hanger, but still left me feeling that this story was complete, even though the people in it may go on to have other stories told about them. Perhaps not, but still, I feel as though Penric and his demon will go on to have other adventures, whether the author chooses to tell us about them or not.

Five stars, well earned.