The Human Division by John Scalzi

This was a book that was really fun to read. It was fully as good as the earlier books in the Old Man's War series. John Scalzi has a neat trick of giving you a really good read, that turns out to make you think. In this episode, there were many things to think about. What is an alien anyway? Is diplomacy of any use? Why are there wars? He does all this 'making you think' just by telling you a story, which I think is very, very cool.

I had owned this book in the original format of 13 individual 'episodes', but I found that I could not read it that way. That, of course, is all about me, and is not a comment on the book, the author, or even the format. It's just not for me. I bought the book as a whole, just recently, because a new Old Man's War book is being published. Once again, it's being published in parts, but now that I know my own preferences, I am waiting until August, when the whole book will come out. That gave me plenty of time to read this book. And time to read some others, too.