ConCarolinas 2015

I spent this past weekend at ConCarolinas in Concord, NC. I had a wonderful time! Of course, I could not get to every panel I wanted to, but that's only because there were so many really good panels. I went to writer's panels, science panels, general programing panels, and still had time to wander the dealer's room and the author tables in the hall. The hotel was very nice, and the convention area was laid out in a sort of square, which meant you did not have to walk back and forth. One side of the square held the restaurant and bar, which allowed for a bit of rest if you needed it.

I did a lot of walking, a lot of talking to authors, and a moderate amount of shopping. I came home with a few books, an official ConCarolinas 2015 Tee, and some miscellaneous goodies. Oh, and a bunch of cards, so I can search for the author's e-books. I knew that I could not handle all the books I wanted to buy. The ConCom and volunteers did a great job, and all the guests and fellow attendees were really nice. I enjoyed every minute!