Short SF Con Report

Earlier this month, I went out to Layton Utah to attend Westercon 72, NASFiC 2019, 1632 Minicon for 2019, Manticon 2019, Spikecon. Yes, that was just one con! It was a little small for a NASFiC, but that made it a bit easier for me to get around. I'm a rather shy introvert, so I don't do large crowds well. I also have back trouble, and often use a cane. Sometimes that's not easy at a con.

Even though it was a small con, it still fulfilled the most important rule of any con - if there are two panels I really want to see, they will be scheduled at the same time! So I didn't get to see all the guests of honor. I did get to see both David Weber and Eric Flint speak, so I count that as a win! I got around pretty well, and visited the dealer's room and art room more than once. I didn't buy much, since I was going to have to bring everything back home to SC. I had to have a serious talk with myself about that. There was a small display of Alan F, Beck prints from his Mouseopolitan Museum of Art. They were just not going to pack well, so I just purchased a couple of t-shirts.

All in all I had a good time, and I was glad to take the trip.