Another Fascinating Entry in Adventures in the Liaden Universe

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Shout of Honor

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Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

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Like our own universe, the Liaden Universe is complex. In this short work, we meet several characters who find themselves involved with the ongoing story of the Liaden novels. They do not change the main story, but it seems to have changed them. The principal character, and the first one we meet is Commander Vepal, the Yxtrang Ambassador to the Outworlds, which is apparently, a job that does not pay well.

Vepal is an honorable man, and that leads him into enough trouble to make this a very interesting story. Personally, I would like to see these characters again, but that, of course, is up to the writers.

This short work may be number 29 in a series, but it does not require any other reading in the series, or in the wider Liaden Universe. That said, if you have read other works in the Liaden Universe, you will probably have a different reading experience than someone for whom this is their first Liaden book.



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