Not a New Book, but New to Me

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Man-Kzin Wars IV

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Larry Niven

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Liking this book was a bit of a surprise for me. For the past year or more, I've had a hard time reading any hard sf, military sf or serious mysteries. I guess you could call this military SF, of a sort. But I guess the Man-Kzin Wars series is just such an old favorite series, that I read it straight through.

This book is two shorter works combined:

The Survivor by Donald Kingsbury

This novella is written from the perspective of that rarest of creatures – a cowardly Kzin. It's also one in which the famous monkey-smart does the humans no good at all. In the introduction, Larry Niven describes this as a horror story, and it might be to you. For me, it wasn't scary at all. I guess I've read too many stories in this series that didn't work out well for the humans.

The Man Who Would Be Kzin by Greg Bear and S.M. Sterling

A short story mostly from the perspective of a human telepath. He's so good, that he can make even Kzins see him as he wants to be seen. He ends up taking this a bit too far.

I enjoyed both of these stories, but then, I have enjoyed this whole series.

I know this is not a new book. It was published in 1991, but somehow I'd missed it until now.


Man-Kzin Wars

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