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A Morbid Taste for Bones

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Ellis Peters

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This is the first in the Brother Cadfael series. I first encountered the good Brother Cadfael on the PBS Mystery series. I really enjoyed the series, which starred Derek Jacobi as Brother Cadfael.

It seemed a good time to try reading the novels the TV show was made from, and I am reading them in order. In this first book, we meet the occupants of the Dominican abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. First and foremost, we meet Brother Cadfael. He's a Welshman, and before becoming a monk, he was a soldier. This makes him much more worldly-wise than his fellow monks. He's also a little more tolerant of sinners than most of his fellows.

He can be disappointed by his fellow humans, as he is sometimes in this book. He is sent to Wales, as translator for a group sent there to bring the bones of Saint Winifred back to the monestary.

I found this novel every bit as enjoyable as the TV series. Ellis Peters drew a believable portrait of Medieval England. It might not be the same as you learned in school. It certainly isn't the Medieval England I was taught about in school! But since I was in school, we've learned more, and indeed the people of that time were every bit as clever as we are today. The voices in the novel sound reasonably modern to my ear. Since this is not work of scholarship, I will admit to being glad of that. It is a book for modern people, even if it is about medieval people.


The Chronicles of Brother Cadfael

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