The Story of the Korval Clan Continues

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Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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was prepared to love this book. The Liaden novels from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller just seem to be getting better and better in an odd way that makes the older novels better too. The authors have been weaving a complex web since the beginning and Neogenesis seems to bring several of the threads together at last. There is not actually any indication that the threads will stay together, though.

The particular skill these authors have is that even though this book is number 21 in the series, you can pick this up and enjoy it without having to go back and read books 1 -20. They do this without making any part of the book boring for those who have read all those books. We don't need to go back and re-read them to understand what's happening. For myself, I can only say that I want to go back and re-read them now.

The story takes place in several locations – one planet, four spaceships and a space station. (I think that's all of them!) We sometimes know more than the characters do, and sometimes we don't, but I never felt at all lost.

I highly recommend this book.



Liaden Universe

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