Amazing New Soulwood Novel from Faith Hunter

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Flame in the Dark

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Faith Hunter

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I've really liked Nell Ingram from her first appearance in Faith Hunter's fiction. While she is a supernatural being, she is totally unlike Jane Yellowrock. When we first met Jane, she was competent, self-confident and ready to kick vampire butt and not bother to take names. When we first met Nell, she was scared, and small, and had reason to be that way.

Since then, we have watched Nell 'grow up', and start taking responsibility for herself in ways that a proper woman of God's Cloud of Glory Church could never even imagine.

This latest book about Nell, starts with her at a crime scene, doing probie work while the rest of Unit 18 of PsyLED investigated in other ways. Even they were limited by the presence of local police, the FBI and even the Secret Service. All those folks were there because the crime scene was a fundraising event for a US Senator.

As usual for Unit 18, things only get worse from there. Nell found signs of a paranormal, but could not verify them with the psy-meter 2.0.

And that's just the first crime scene.

We get to watch a Unit 18, and more importantly, Nell put the pieces together. Nell grows, and learns more about herself. Occam continues to flirt with Nell. Her parents keep trying to find ways to bring her back to the church.

I don't want to give any real spoilers, so I'll just say this. The climax of this book is just amazing! And the end! I didn't see it coming, but when all was said and done, it was the only way it could have worked out.

I love Faith Hunter's work. She writes some of the best characters! I so hope that there will be more of Nell.

You should read this book. Really!



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