I really liked Tooth & Nail, the second book in the Withrow Chronicles.

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Tooth & Nail

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Michael G. Williams

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Why? See I'm not really a fan of vampire fiction. I think it's been done to death. Michael G. Williams' vampire fiction is something different, and that's what I like.

Withrow Surrett is not your average vampire. Not even close. He is not an ancient vampire, dedicated to all things evil. Withrow Surrett is just an overweight guy who bought into the 'live forever' deal. He doesn't really see himself as anything special. In Michael G. Williams' world, you don't get to be gorgeous when you become a vampire, you stay just like you were when you 'died'. So Withrow is a fat vampire.

Being a vampire, he is, of course, something of an apex predator He may be fat. He may be a moderately good painter. But he is also the thing that other supernaturals run away from as fast as they can.

This is the second book. It is not necessary to have read the first book to enjoy this one. Still, the first book shows more of Withrow Surrett at a younger age, closer to when he first became a vampire. And Withrow becoming a more experienced vampire is mostly what these books are about. In the main part of this book, he is Withrow Surrett III, failed writer, and boss of all vampires in North Carolina. (Yes, in this world, even the vampires have layers of management!) He thinks he's just checking in with his 'people' like any good boss. In fairly short order, though, things get more complicated, and we get to see Withrow as the top predator he doesn't really see himself as. This makes for a very good story.

I got this book for free from the publisher, but this review is still my honest opinion of the book.



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