A Short Story from the world of Iron and Blood

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Ghost Wolf

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Gail Z Martin and Larry N. Martin

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I purchased this short story as an e-book, so even though it is much shorter than a novel, I am considering it as a 'book' for review purposes.

The Martins have done a wonderful job of creating this series of books and stories set in an alternate, steam-punk Pittsburgh. The Storm and Fury adventures are normally about two federal agents assigned to The Department of Supernatural Investigation. In this story, the agents do make an appearance, but the actual protagonist is a civilian. He is a an immigrant from Poland, who is doing his best to stop the violence between different ethic groups in New Pittsburgh's working class neighborhoods. He does get some help from high places, because Adam Farber, the inventor has provided him with a suit that helps him pass as the Ghost Wolf.

His work to keep the peace in the ethnic neighborhoods he lives in turn out to be only the tip of the iceberg.

It was a quick read, and a good story. The main characters of the series appear only for a very short time, but this story helps to fill in the world the authors have created. With this short work, New Pittsburgh has grown more than a little.




A Storm and Fury Adventure

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