The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison

Absolutely amazing! This is a great book! It is, in the simplest sense, about a young man, who suddenly and unexpectedly becomes emperor when his father and all of his older brothers are killed. He is different in so many ways from what is expected. He doesn't look, or act, or rule like his father. And so, this is also a book about being different. He is very young, and poorly trained for the job of emperor, so it is also a book about growing up and learning how to do the job he's inherited. There is plenty of excitement, including sword fights, explosions, betrayal and evil plots against the emperor.

This is a complete story. By that, I mean that the author did not leave her readers hanging off the proverbial cliff. The threads of her story are all neatly wrapped up, and if this is all there is, I will have nothing to complain about. But oh, how I want to meet all these people again! I just know there are other stories to be told, and I would happily buy the books, if the author wants to write more.

Five Stars, with no hesitation