Wow! What a story Faith Hunter has given us this time!

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Cold Reign

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Fairh Hunter

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Cold Reign begins with Jane and Eli fighting a new kind of vampire – a Revenant. Revenants are vampires who have died twice – once when they became vampires and a second time as a vampire. Somehow, they rise after this second death as mindless monsters.

And that's just the beginning. Jane, and her growing clan, which now seems to include Brute, the werewolf stuck in wolf form as well as the vampire Edmund Hartley, who has become Jame's Primo. Even Leo, the Master of the City of New Orleans (and most of the South) refers to the Yellowrock Clan. The excitement only builds from there.

I don't want to give you any spoilers, but this book has it all. There are vampires, both the local 'good' vampires and some really, really bad ones. There are were-creatures, light dragons, and more magic than any book before this one. The excitement doesn't let up until the very end of the book, which I promise, will surprise you.

Faith Hunter has been giving us better and better stories of Jane Yellowrock since the beginning of the series. Once again, she's written a book that's the best one yet!

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