Another fun Bubba the Monster Hunter novella

Book Title: 

Into The Mystic

Book Author: 

John G. Hartness

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Average: 4 (1 vote)

John Hartness does it again! Bubba is a big, strong monster hunter, descended from a long line of monster hunters. But what about the other side of the family? Bubba's mother returns in this novella, and she has a few surprises for Bubba. Mom's a fairy princess and Bubba has a sister - in Fairyland. Bubba wouldn't go back there for anything! His mother HAS to go back. And doesn't know how.

Bubba's life is never fun... for Bubba. For readers, it is always fun! Personally, I still have a lot of Bubba to catch up on, but I haven't let that stop me. We see the worlds through Bubba's eyes, and get to read his thoughts. Bubba's a pretty easy character to get to know. If you are southern, or merely live in the south like me, you know or know of, someone like Bubba. Heck,if you've read about the South, you've heard of someone like Bubba. Except somewhere, deep inside, where only his girlfriend, and John Hartness's readers can see, Bubba is a knight in shining armor, a hero - rescuer of damsels in distress. This causes no end of trouble for him. For us, it gives us fun stories like this one.

I read an ARC (advanced reader copy) that was given to me at no cost by the author and publisher of this book. My review is based only on my personal opinion of this book.



Bubba The Monster Hunter