More of Penric and Desdemona (and a few more)

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Mira's Last Dance

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Lois McMaster Bujold

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One more wonderful chapter in the life of Penric and his demon, Desdemona. In the last book, we left Penric trying to escape from the country where his first foreign mission had gone decidedly sour. Two other traveler are with him - Adelis - the general he was sent to lure back to Adria, and Nikys, the general's widowed sister. This novella gives us more of their desperate flight. This is made even more difficult by the fact that they must not, at any cost, seem to be fleeing. Sometimes, they must even seem to be different people. Of course, Penric has his Demon, Desdemona, who still has the memories and personalities of every person she ever inhabited. So there is no shortage of ideas, at least!

Lois McMaster Bujold once again shows us her skill with characters. All of her characters feel like real people, even if they live in an unreal world. Even if they can't be said to live at all anymore. Which is true of some of the characters of this novella. We are four stories in, so by now Penric, at least, is accustomed to conversing with people who have been dead for centuries.

I really enjoyed this novella. I found it enjoyable, if all too short. I hope that the author has a couple more of these for us.


Penric & Desdemona

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