Two wonderful short stories from experts in the form

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Change Management

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Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

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Coming from me, any rating or review of anything Liaden has to start with - I love these stories!

With that out of the way, this is a small chapbook, containing two short stories. One of them was previously published at The other was, according to the authors, woven out of bits of an upcoming novel that had to be taken out.

The older story, Wise Child, is the story of a sentient spaceship who has fallen into the hands of an evil organization, that wants her to be a slave.

The new story takes place on Surebleak, and is just a delightful little story about how the clan Korval changes Surebleak, and is changed in return.

There is something in me that wanted to say that this chapbook is only for Liaden completists, but that is not true. These two stories are fine examples of the craft. If you know nothing about Lee and Miller and Liaden society and Korval and sentient spaceships, you would still encounter characters that you will care about, and they will have problems, which they will resolve in ways that fit their character. These are very good short stories. They do not tell you as much about characters as a novel would. But they tell you enough that the characters feel real, and enough that you understand their current predicament and how they resolved it.

Now, I should give a warning. If you are new to Lee and Miller's work when you read this, there is a good chance that you will want to know more about these characters. And there is more - a lot more.

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