Bubba the Monster Hunter Rides Again!

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John G. Hartness

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I have to admit, I fell well behind on reading this series, even though I've really enjoyed what I've read. But, I joined John G. Hartness's ARC Team, and he sent me a free copy of this book. It was just what I expected - a fun read.

In Midsummer, Bubba is in Nashville, looking into the disappearance of a teenage girl. The police think they have a kidnapping on their hands, but then, they don't know Bubba. It turns out that the girl disappeared while playing a game a bit like Pokemon Go, but with fairies. While trying to trace the missing girl's steps, Bubba finds out what happened to her, by having the same thing happen to him! Now Bubba is in fairyland and has to get the girl out. This being a Bubba story from John Hartness, hi jinks ensue!

This is a short work - a novella, so I can't say much more about poor Bubba's adventures. Let me just say that this is a delightful story. Our hero gets into tons of trouble, but his heart is, as always, in the right place, and he carries a BIG gun.