Renegades: The Requiem Part 1

Renegades is a series that I have backed on both Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Today, I got to watch Part 1, and I was very impressed. Renegades started as a Star Trek fan film, but with the recent changes in CBS/Paramount's copyright claims, the film makers chose to make it a stand alone series. It is still very much inspired by Star Trek, but very much it's own thing.

The premise is that the Confederation has been infiltrated by evil people. We are never told what the Confederation is, but it is clearly meant to be a force of good. The truth of the degree of the infiltration finally gets to the attention of the Admiral in charge of all Confederation security. He takes this as a personal failure, and decides to 'go rogue' in an attempt to save the Confederation. We meet some of his new associates, and get a feel for what this universe is like. There is a bar scene that feels a little like that other film series 'Cantina'. I really enjoyed it.

If you didn't support this film, you can't watch it.... yet. I can only assume that there will be a public release someday. If you did support it, and are having doubts about a 'non-Star Trek' fan film, don't worry. They have made it an independent project, but it still 'feels' like the series we have known and loved.