A Delightfull Collection of Short Works from John Scalzi

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John Scalzi

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This is a collection of shorter works by John Scalzi. Most have been published before, but four stories are new to this collection. The publisher's description says that the one thing they have in common is that they are short, and indeed they are - some very, very short. I think that they have another thing in common. Most of them are funny, at least if you like John Scalzi's sense of humor. Really, how could a John Scalzi story called "Pluto Tells All" be anything but funny?

I enjoyed every single one of these little gems! If you are a John Scalzi fan, this is a must read!

I am able to post a review before the official publication date because I purchased the book directly from the publisher.

I gave this book an enthusiastic five out of five stars on Amazon and Goodreads

Miniatures: The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi