Curse on the Land (Soulwood #2) by Faith Hunter

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Curse on the Land

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Faith Hunter

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I loved this book! No surprise there, since Faith Hunter is one of my favorite authors. I do hope that there will be much more of this Series, because Nell Ingram is a very interesting character. The rest of Unit 18 is pretty interesting, too, and I want to see what happens with them after this book. Rick LaFleur has at last become a pretty interesting guy again. I did not see what happened to him in this book coming... not at all!

Nell, though, is the most interesting character. What really fascinated me throughout the book is how the picture of Nell in my head has changed since I first read about her. At first, I saw her as short, plump and plain. Her actual age was not revealed at first, so my original vision of her as middle aged kind of stuck, even when we learned how young she was.

Now, I don't see her at all like that. She's still short, that's been made clear, but I see her as taller than my original view. I am not sure that SHE sees this yet, but the comments from her team make me see her as slender and leggy (even tho she is below average height) and pretty. I suspect that she will eventually come to see herself this way.
And that is why I love Faith's writing. Here is a character that has grown a lot, and in ways we did not expect, but looking back, are perfectly logical.

Five out of Five Stars




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