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Gail Z. Martin

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For a month or so around the holidays, I was really suffering from the blues, and couldn't seem to focus on a book.

Then came the release of Vendetta by Gail Z. Martin. Wow! What an exciting book. It took me longer than I expected to finish it, because I learned quickly that reading it near bedtime was a bad idea. After I read a chapter or two, I'd be very excited, and not able to sleep. This evening, I started to get to the climax of the novel, and I could not put it down.

In the end, I have to say that I I really liked this book. It was the most exciting work yet in the Deadly Curiosities series (that's including all the short stories). All of the characters we've met in modern day Charleston are in the pages of this book, even a few of the dead ones. The Charleston in this book is much more haunted than the real life Charleston, so sometimes the dead friends are more powerful than the living ones. Cassidy and Teag are getting more accustomed to using their powers, which is good. Even though we meet new friends and allies, there are also new enemies, who really challenge the characters we've come to know so well. In the end, they all work together as a team. Even Soren turns out to need some help, and gets it I have to say that Soren is my favorite character in the series, even though I dislike 'vampire fiction' in general. It was nice to see more of him, and learn more about him. It was also nice to see him on the cover!

I don't know what Gail Z. Martin has up her sleeve for these characters, but I am sure I will like it.

I gave this book four stars out of five.



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